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Creative Power for Your Music!

Hello! My name is Mikael “Mike” Baggström, and I am the founder of soundcrafters.net and professionalcomposers.com.

My vision is to provide you with Creative Power for Your Music.

Mikael “Mike” Baggström

About SoundCrafters

My name is Mikael “Mike” Baggström. I am a music composer, sound designer, artist and educator. I have been making music and sounds since 1998, and my huge love and passion for music seem to grow every day.

I have created music in many different styles over the years: 90s Electronica, Trance and House. Hip hop, Beats, and Chill-out. Ambient, Relaxing and Atmospheric. Rock/Metal, a bit of Pop/Uptempo, Motivational Music, Orchestral Music, Cinematic Music, Epic Music….and various hybrids and cross-overs of styles. My main passion is within what I call “soundtrack music”, which of course can cover a huge range of music styles, but the core of it is to craft emotional stories of sound with your music. And that is my strongest passion: Creating Stories with Music and Sound! =)

This takes me to the creation of my own sound design label called SoundCrafters. The very name suggests the core vision of my products. Helping you increase your creative power for your music and productions, by providing you with tools that you can use to craft your own stories of sound and music.

I hope you will enjoy the products I have created. I know I will, because the products I create for you, are also products I use myself as a music composer and producer. I wish you great success on your journey in music, and a lot of fun using the tools I have created for you. Now, go and create your stories of music and sounds! =)