About SoundCrafters

Mike in Studio

Creative Power for Your Music!

Hello! My name is Mikael “Mike” Baggström, and I am the founder of soundcrafters.net and professionalcomposers.com.

My vision is to provide you with Creative Power for Your Music.

Mikael “Mike” Baggström

Premium Presets for Your Productions

Premium preset collections focused on delivering great sounds that you can find and use quickly whenever you need them for your music. Speed up your workflow and level up your overall sound in your productions.

Quality Sounds for Your Workflow

High quality sounds in the form of wav-file sample collections organized in folders, that you can quickly and easily drag and drop into any music production you work on.

Amazing Courses for Your Skills

Learn everything from rhythm, percussion, chords, and melodies. To sound design, mixing, mastering. The higher your skill level and knowledge power, the better you will become as a music composer, producer and sound crafter.

Great Guides for Your Knowledge

Get great resources and reference guides that can help you not only learn, but also speed up your music composition, production and songwriting process. From perfect cheat sheets, to complete guides and e-books on various aspects of music.