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How to Compose Epic Music

How to Compose Epic Music

In the end, you will be able to create epic music in any style you choose: from intense battle music, to powerful heroic music, to huge, grand and larger than life music. Mster the foundations, the guidelines, and the sounds of epic music.

How to compose Relaxing Music

How to Compose Relaxing Music

Do you love to listen to relaxing music. Music that feels like a soft blanket, and puts your body and mind at ease. In this course you will learn how to compose relaxing music in any style, from ambient soundscapes to chillout beats.

How to Compose Ambient Music

How to Compose Ambient Music

In the end, you will be able to create anything from magical atmospheres, to thrilling underscore moods, to dark and evil soundscapes. In essence, you will learn to creat atmospheric worlds of sound.

How to compose Scary Music

How to Compose Scary Music

Learn the secrets of darkness, tension, dissonance and intensity in music. So that you will be able to compose and create scary and dark music of all styles, from powerful and evil action music, to ominous and creepy atmospheric music.

How to Compose Emotional Music

How to Compose Emotional Music

You will learn how to compose anything from sad and tragic music, to tear-jerking lush and beautiful music, to intimate and soft emotional atmospheres. You will learn the secrets of composing and producing emotional music.

How to write Memorable Melodies

Master Melody & Themes

Do you want to become a master of writing and creating memorable melodies? Compose anything from beautiful lyrical melodies, to energy-lifting, inspiring and adventurous themes, to powerful and mighty motifs.

Learn Chords and Harmony

Master Chords & Harmony

After this course, you will be able to use the true power of chords and chord progressions in your music. You will be able to control the emotional core of your music, and to support your main theme and melodies.

Master Rhythm & Percussion

Master Rhythm & Percussion

Your destination for this journey, is to unlock the secrets of rhythm in music. And your end goal is to become a master of using rhythm and percussion in your music compositions. The foundations, the rules, the sounds and colors etc.

How to Sound Design for Music Composition

How to Sound Design for Your Music

Do you want to learn how to sound design unique sounds to use in your music? You will master the fundamentals of sound design, but also practical sound design on a range of styles like: Ambient Pads, Ominous Drones, Dark Pulses, Plucks, all the way to Sub Drops.

How to write for Orchestral Strings

How to Compose Music with Strings

Master the use of orchestral strings in your music. From emotional solo strings playing beautiful lead melodies…to big powerful motifs and themes…to lush and dynamic chord progressions with lyrical movement…all the way to rhythmic comping, ostinatos, runs and arpeggios…

How to write Cinematic Percussion

How to write Cinematic Percussion

Are you ready to master cinematic percussion for your music compositions? Do you want to create amazing percussion mixes: for epic power…dramatic action…intense energy…or perhaps percussive underscores?

How to create Great Transitions

How to Create Great Transitions

Create great transitions in your music. Learn to control the energy, the dynamics, the voice leading, the sound effects and composing techniques for any style of transition in your music. All while crafting the glue of music that makes everything flow together and shapes your music story.