Sound Lock is a feature in Omnisphere that is often overlooked. I personally feel that Sound Lock is the single most powerful “hidden gem” of Omnisphere! =)

Take a look at the image below of the feature in action. How you use it? Go up the the little “lock icon” at the top of the preset browser. Click it and you will get a menu where you can simply choose which aspects of the interface you want to lock. Then simply pick the aspects you want to “Sound Lock” when you browse through other presets.

Omnisphere Tips - Sound Lock

Let me give you a practical example: Let’s say you browse through presets, or do some custom sound design of your own. Then you are not 100% satisfied, but like some aspects of your overall sound.

Now, with Sound Lock, you can “lock” those aspects which means they are unchanged even if you change browse through other presets in the browser.

Let’s say you want to make a sound that has a short pluck like character for your current music production.

If you check the image you can see that I did set the Amp Envelope to a pluck type setting. Then you can go up the the little “lock icon” at the top of the preset browser.

As you can see I clicked on “envelopes”. This means that now I can browse to as many presets I want, the envelopes will be locked to the setting I have it at.

Basically this means that every preset I browse through will have the envelope set on this “pluck” type setting. You can Sound Lock many other different aspects as well, such as the effects, the arpeggiator and so on. What will you sound lock! =)