Premium Omnisphere Presets

Omnisphere Preset Pack - Deep Bass

Deep Bass for Omnisphere

Deep, powerful synth bass sounds to beef up the low end of any music production. From massive sub bass, to analog and warm, to plucky low bass lines, to distorted mayhem.

Omnisphere Preset Pack - Dark Pulses

Dark Pulses for Omnisphere

Energy and drive in the low end of your music. From big lush dreamy pulses, to short plucky low rhythm, to deep cinematic drive.

Omnisphere Preset Pack - Doom Impacts

Doom Impacts for Omnisphere

Low, powerful and massive percussive hits in the low end. From doom impacts of destruction, to powerful weapon strikes, to massive rumbling earth quakes.

Omnisphere Preset Pack - Dirty Drive (video)

Dirty Drive for Omnisphere

Dirty rhythms and energy in the low end. From warm deep rhythms, to big lush space drive, to overdriven mayhem.

Omnisphere Preset Pack - High Energy

High Energy for Omnisphere

Light driving rhythms in the high range of your music. From plucky rhythms, to high staccato chords, to airy shimmering drive.

Omnisphere Preset Pack - T-Rex Booms

T-Rex Booms for Omnisphere

Deep and powerful sub booms. From insanely deep booms, to subs with added punch, to cinematic low sub woofer rumble.